03/19/2014 11:28

Here's The Big Problem With Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Here's The Problem

Like most of us, you’re probably you probably could lose a little weight and raise your fitness level According to the health organizations obesity is a worldwide problem with approximately one third of the nation wrestling with this malady.

So why is this problem so huge and difficult to resolve? So why is losing weight, seemingly, such a difficult goal - what’s standing in our way? Unfortunately, there are a lot obstacles when looking at weight loss. Well I’m going to skip all the other issues in this writing and focus on, what many suggest is the number one barrier to losing weight.

So you want to know what it is? It’s your emotions! Yes, you heard right. That funny little thing we call emotions.

Emotions, according to a recent survey, play the most significant role when it comes to going on a diet and weight loss.

It’s the old common song - think about it - you’re going to eat just one cookie. You feel thus in order to pacify that emotion - you go ahead and down the entire freaking pack of cookies. This behavior repeats itself repeatedly every single time you feel more aggravated and down on yourself.

Trying to find an answer? Pleased you asked - you'll find many proven tactics you need to use to get on course and stay on course.

Weight Loss - We're Here For You

End the cycle once and for all. How much energy does your body need require on a given day?

Learn to listen to your body - but if you don't have that competence yet - try this weight loss calculator

Eat The Foods You Like

If you're a cookie monster - certainly be a cookie monster - okay just kidding but you know what I mean The goal is to learn to eat anything just not "everything". Just grab two or there and stash rest aside for next time - you'll have satisfied your craving and made yourself proud at the same time. Or knowing you're going out to your favorite restaurant on the weekend eat lighter the day before maybe the day after.

Small Plates Are a Good Thing

For many of us, it was our mom and dad who "encouraged" us to clean our plates. Who says you can't use a smaller plate?. It actually helps psychologically And if you're going out - eat only half the portion - they're often huge anyways.

Motivate Yourself

Place images of several of your heroes - people who you admire - it can really give you a boost and keep you going. What we “see” we think about and what we think about we act on. If we're constantly looking at positive images, it helps us to reprogram and is effective in getting us from where we are to where we'd like to be.